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51 Catherine Mozingo's Mother may have been Native American. Cora Hays stated that she was told by her grandmother that Katy (Catherine ) was half Indian. The only person that this would now fit is Wilmouth her mother. MOZINGO Catherine (1765), L67L-WWS (I4497)
52 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I15775)
53 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I16008)
54 Civil Register states Three children at time of Marriage Family F7007346
55 Compare 9ZM8-6QN AND L1XQ-9CN ID numbers resolve discrepancies. BARRETT Catherine (1887), L1XQ-9CN (I241)
56 Contact with A woman named Weezie Masterson( notquitearanch@windstream.net ) and her daughter Paige Philips through DNA reasearch has matched the Masterson family to the area of County Mayo or County Cavan in Ireland. These researchers have done extensive search into John Aaron Masterson. As it is, the British burned most if not all of the church records in Maryland on this family. As of now this is as far as we may be able to go back. Unless a male Masterson who lives in Cavan Ireland has records of John Aaron Masterson born about 1700 and can make a DNA match and is willing and able to research his line backward. MASTERSON John Aaron (1700) (I15985)
57 Cornelis Smit was, at the time that he married Helena Maria van Tongeren, a very rich man. He had holdings in the Russian railroads. But the when the Russian railroads failed he and his family were made destitute. He then ran a dairy and was poor for the rest of his life. SMIT Cornelis (I23)
58 Counseller and lifelong freind of Harold Harfagre, King of Norway.
Raginvald was burned to death in his farm house along with 60 men.
He was Earl of More (Earl of Romesdal) in Norway. 
Earl of More EYSTEINSSON Ragnvald I (830), (I10901)
59 Culpeper County Deeds, 16 February 1789 Deed of gift of parcel of land on Duncans Mill Run, from Charles Mozingo to John AKA Arnold Masterson and his wife Catherine Mozingo. US/Can 975.5392 Vol 10 MASTERSON John (1765), LC79-D59 (I4496)
60 Daniel Dean Ferris and Charles Ferris were sealed to John Hatfield, fourth husband and to their mother Dorothy Sarah Jennison, 27 Feb 1970. Dorothy Sarah Jennison sealed to to fourth husband, 11 May 1874 at the Endowment House, E. W. Heaton, President. Endowment and former sealings reconfirmed & former Sealiings ratified for . . .  Family F7008747
61 Date taken from a Certificate of Record of Birth issued on 10 November 1941 by the Presiding Bishopric's Office stating that Edward Davis Hays, son of Dee Lora Hays and Stella Davis was born on 24 Mar 1913 and blessed on 1 Jun 1913 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The certificate further states that the blessing was first recorded in a SLC ward on J June 1913. The Certificate has a seal from the Presiding Bishopric's Office stamped into the document and the original document is in the possession of James E. Hays on 5 March 2009. HAYS Edward Davis (1913) (I7L3N-KG)
62 David Evan ISBELL passed away on Sunday, 17 Jan 2010 at ________________ Hospital in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Utah at about 6:00 PM in the evening. ISBELL David Evan (1943) (I4975)
63 Death information provided by Donna Hill on 17 Jun 2009 GREEN Willie Gay (1903) (I4552)
64 Dee Lora Hays told his children that he had been told some of his ancestors were named Outlaw. GRADY Archibald (1777) (I243)
65 Denisse Gonzales met David Emery in Albuquerque, New Mexico while each was serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Denisse Gonzales was born in 1984 and raised in Puerto Rico. She comes from a family of four children. She has one sister older than herself and a two (2)younger brothers. Her mother, Sister and two (2) brothers have joined the church.

When Denisse was seventeen (17) years old she converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. After high school Denisse attended college where she studied Agronomy. She interrupted her schooling to go on the aforementioned mission. She has only about one and a half years study remaining to received her degree in Agronomy.

After David and Denisse each returned, having honorably completed their missions, they courted and married. As of January, 2013 they two (2) children, a four (4) year old girl named Kaylee and a three (3)a year old son named David.
GONZALES Denisse (1984) (I15784)
66 Died in infancy. VAN EKELENBURG* Johannes Samuel (I4683)
67 Died of Small Pox. ( see James II Grady) TALLEY Martha (IC1P6-FN)
68 Died of smallPox. GRADY James Madison (1820) (IC1P6-DH)
69 Died of the black death. VON GELDERN Johann Robertus (1550) (I16379)
70 Died unmarried. DRESSER Mary (1642) (I9742)
71 Dirk led an orchestra as a conductor. SMIT Diederik (I5011)
72 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5756)
73 Dorothy Sarah Jennison was baptized in England before 1860. She is also showed as being baptized again in the temple on 6 Feb 1969.  JENNISON Dorothy Sarah (1827) (I7835)
74 Duarte Mon Nzinga (male child of Nzinga) and Njinga Mona Imbangala were born possibly as twins. Duarte was the product of an arranged marriage between Nzinga Mbande and the king of the Imbangala kingdom. It is very possible that he was taken at birth as a ransom and raised in a church somewhere in Portugal. It is probable that the church where he was schooled gave him the christian name " Duarte" It appears that he was educated as when he was forced to sign papers of indenture, he had the presence of mind to keep the papers. This led to his case being the first legal action for freedom won by a black man in Virginia. Had Duarte not been enslaved he would have followed his grandfather as a king of the Ngolo. MON NZINGA Duarte (1618) (I16367)
75 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I10719)
76 Early Yorkshire Families, author CT Clay. Pages 40-41
" The family descended from Nigel, whose son Roger Hay held land in North Cave of the Fossard fee, c. 1135-1148 and 1148-1166. In 1166 Roger son of Roger held 2 Knights fees of William Fossard, consisting of land in Huggate, North Cave, Everhope, Aughton and Laytham. He was founder of Thicket Priory, and was succeded by his son Thomas, who confirmed gifts in North Cave made by his father Roger Hay to Saint Peter's Hospital, c. 1175-1188. Thomas married Emma, daughter and heir of Roger son of Alvred, and died before Michaelmas 1190, When Thomas, son of Thomas paid 100s for a recognition of the death of his father respecting land in Aughton and Goodmanham, of which Roger de Hay was deforcing him." 
DEL HAY Thomas (1160) (I15587)
77 Edward Tunstin HAYES was the first in his family to spell his name HAYES instead of the HAYS that had been used over the past few generations. HAYS Edward Tunstin (1856) (I1CCH-58H)
78 Eleanor Connolly arrived in the United States at age 13 in 1845.
CONNOLLY Eleanor (1832) (I6826)
79 Eleanor Connolly was born in Ireland in January, 1832. She immigrated to the United States in 1845 CONNOLLY Eleanor (1832) (I6826)
80 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1051)
81 Eliza Moore is listed in the 1850 Pontotoc Mississippi Census as 27 years old, living with her brother Andrew Tickell, and three children Sarah age 8, James age 7, and Ellen age 3 months old. Ancestry.com Information from Vicki Hays.

Wiley D. Grady married Eliza Moore on June 25, 1853 in Pontotoc County, Mississippi. Mississippi Marriages 1776-1935 ancestry.com. Information from Vicki Hays.

Wiley D. Grady was listed as living in Pontotoc County, Mississippi when he sent a representitive to handle the sale of his land to his brother James M. Grady on May 3, 1854.
FHL Film # 1035266 Deed Book E page 410.

Wiley D. Grady is listed as living in district G in Ittawamba County, Mississippi on the 1850 Mississippi Census.

Wiley D. Grady is listed as living in St. Francis, Arkansas on the 1860 Census.

Wiley D. Grady is listed as living in Jonesboro Township, Craighead County, Arkansas on the 1870 census, and has the occupation of bricklayer. Wiley's son Jasper, is listed as age 22 with a 27 year old wife named Jennie who was born in Georgia. 
GRADY Wiley Durham (1823) (I4492)
82 Elizabeth Jaelynn Robinson was born at 7:32 PM DST in Ogden, Weber, Utah, United States. She weighed 7 lbs 3 oz and was 20 inches long at birth. MARTIN Elizabeth Jaelynn (2013) (I15974)
83 Elizabeth le Botiller, who was the wife of Peter de la Haye, was the sister of James le Botiller who was attained ( executed). As the lands of the Estate at Belton were held by the le Botiller family, not all of the lands were seized by the crown in 1468. other half of the Belton estate was passed down to Elizabeth le Botiller after the death of her brother as he had no legal heir due to Attainment. Therefore the lands passed to Robert de la Haye and then to John Hayes of Axholme. DE LA HAYE John (1445) (I8575)
84 Emma Louise TAYLOR was the widow of John Laird JENKINS Family F7008150
85 Ethel Hays was christened by J.U. Strecki in Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho on 6 November 1904 HAYS Ethel (1904) (I7L3N-FR)
86 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4361)
87 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4405)
88 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I8075)
89 Geoffrey Hays is listed in new.familysearch under new extracted persons. He may or may not be the son of John Hayes and Elizabeth Starkey. More research needs to be done.

At this point, he is considered theoretical. 
HAYES Geffray (1585), L7W3-Y94 (I15898)
90 George Savage had 4 partners
Partner #1 Miss Winslow = 4 children
Partner #2 Unknown = 6 Children
Partner #3 Elizabeth Frodsham = 1 child
Partner #4 Miss Dyes of Barrow, Cheshire = 3 daughters
1. Ellen Savage born 1497, married Thomas Hayes.
2. Dorothy Savage born 1502, married John Hayes in Aston Juxta Pickmore, Cheshire.
3.Margarett Savage born 1505, married a Goldenwick 
PID:9CMP-F8F SAVAGE George (1471) (I14334)
91 George's occupation was a carman[cabbie]. He drove a carriage in London. DAVIS George William (1806) (I2J0P-17)
92 Givendale is a town west of Ripon in West Riding, York,UK  Rector of Brantingham, Cannon of Chester, Proctor of Givendale Master DE LA HAYE Robert (1400) (I15429)
93 Godfrey HEYES PID:M77S-HSH is listed under Family Search as the son of Mr. HEYES and Ellen Tarbock. Note that Ellen Daniell married Henry Tarbock before she became a widow and married John Hayes.

There is a problem with the date in Family search It says 1620 as compared with a death date of 1520.

Scott Jansen Feb 26, 2013 
HEYES/HAYES Godfrey (1491), M77S-TN4 (I15870)
94 Grace Mae BEVIS and Grady Lee BEVIS were twins. twin BEVIS Grace Mae (1921) (I4355)
95 Grigsby Grady has the name of his probable uncle Grisby. He is found around 1840 in the same county, Dekalb, as Archibald Grady. This leads to a substantiated belief that he is Archibalds son. or closely related. Family F7008026
96 Gutherage Masterson Received two land patents at Blue Water Branch near Lexington Alabama. the desciption of is as follows:

1. The Northeast quarter of of the Southeast quarter of section eight in township one of range eight in the district of Huntsville Alabama containing 40 acres. 24 April 1820.

2. The Northwest quarter of the Southeast quarter of section eight in township one of range eight in the district of Huntsville Alabama comtaining 40 acres. 24 April 1820. 
MASTERSON George Gutheridge (1785), LZGP-QW9 (I4494)
97 Hannah Catherine Carroll was adopted by John Carroll and  CARROLL Hannah Catherine (1879) (I41)
98 Hannah Hawes is shown on the family records as born on 15 March 1834. The New Family Search records show her year of birth as 1832. The New Family Search records for her brother John show him born 30 Apr 1932. It is not biologically possible for Hannah to be born 15 days after John. Therefore, I have chosen to follow the family records showing Hannah's year of birth as 1834 instead of 1832. HAWS Hannah (1834), LHPK-613 (I1RHC-F0W)
99 Hardin Co. Will book A page 283.
John Masterson purchased a mare and colt at the estate sale of Abraham Goodin Dec'd. John returned to Hardin Co. Kentucky Court 27 Jan 1806. 
MASTERSON John (1765), LC79-D59 (I4496)
100 Hattier TURBEVILLE died in infancy. Year of birth and death is estimated only. TURBEVILLE Hattie (1889) (I4568)

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