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1 Death of George Locke Edwards
George Locke Edwards was killed in a single car rollover accident near milepost 229 on Interstate 15 just north of Nephi, Juab County, Utah at about 1:30 PM on Saturday April 20, 2019. Locke was returning to BYU Idaho for the beginning of the spring quarter. Two witnesses, a nurse who was following Locke. It appeared that his car drifted to the soft shoulder of the road. Locke tried to steer the car back on the road and lost control. The car rolled over. The nurse stopped her car and attempted to revive Locke to no avail. Another witness, a male, checked the car registration and got the name and address for Locke. The nurse, also from Las Vegas, recognized from the address that her brother was the LDS bishop for Locke's parents, George Quincy Edwards and Amorette Cornwall Edwards. The nurse called her brother and explained the situation. She asked him to contact Quincy and Amorette and notify them of the events causing Locke's death which he did.

By the time that the Las Vegas Coroner appeared at the Edwards home to notify them of the accident and Locke's passing. The Edwards family had been aware of Locke's passing for more than six hours when the Coroner arrived.
EDWARDS George Locke (1997) (I4829)
2 29 Aug 2009 - Changes in name, dates and places have been made based on information provided by Donna HIll, descendant of Alabama Emmitt Hayes.
According Miss Hill, Alabama 's middle name was Emmitt not Florence as shown in Cora Hays book. 
HAYES Alabama Emmitt (1862) (I4535)
3 Library of Virginia, Meherrin Baptist Church , Lunenburg County, Virginia, Minute Book, 1771-1837 (Accession 24896) , Page 14 Family F7007941
4 Some Highlights from the Life of JOHN HATFIELD

John Hatfield was born in Belper Derbyshire, England, on the 14th of November, 1818. John was the 4th child of 7 children born to Jacob Hatfield and Elizabeth Street. His mother was Elizabeth Street christened 10 March 1789 and married 8 October 1816.His father was a land owner and John's boyhood was well spent in helping his father raise various fruits and vegetables. He used the knowledge and experience gained through these when he came to Utah, where he raised a lovely orchard of his own and grew grain on ten acres of land.

Like many English people, John's education was limited. It has always been an English tradition that its people learn a trade of some sort to help make their own livelihood. As he became of age, John learned many trades. Pottery making, glass blowing and cooking were his chief trades. In pottery, he created his own designs. John became an expert glass blower, making many beautiful ornamental pieces with his clever skill of arrangements. He was also an expert cook, specializing in fruit cake, mincemeat, and candy, which he sold from his privately owned shop. His many customers and friends came from near and far to purchase these fine goods. It has been said he could make a perfect star with the ingredients used in stick candy.

Recipe for John's Mincemeat

2 1/4 pounds round of beef

2 quarts chopped apples

1 /2 pint chopped suet

1 1/2 pints raisins

1 pint currants

1 quart sugar, brown
1/2 pint molasses

3 pints wine

4 tablespoonfuls cinnamon

2 tablespoonfuls salt

1 tablespoonful allspice

1 tablespoonful mace

1 teaspoonful cloves

4 nutmegs, grated

4 lemons

3 pieces citron, chopped

Put the beef in a small stewpan and cover with boiling water. Cook three hours, having the water only bubble at one side of the stewpan. Take from the fire and let the meat cool in the water, with cover off the pan. When cold, remove the fat and gristle, and chop the meat rather fine. Put it in a large bowl with all the other ingredients, except the wine, and mix thoroughly. Now add the wine, and let the mixture stand in a cold place overnight. In the morning, turn the mincemeat into a porcelain kettle and heat slowly to the boiling point; then simmer gently for one hour. Put the mixture into stone jars and set away in a cold place; or it may be put in glass jars and sealed. When the pies are being made, I tumbler jelly or marmalade to 3 or 4 pies will be found a great improvement.

John was a fine athlete and a well known boxer, holding the championship in Belper and the surrounding counties. On one occasion, he carried his son William 14 miles on his back to a boxing bout. At the bout, disagreeing with the referee's decision, John jumped in the ring and said, "I've twenty sovereign in me pocket that I can lick the two of thee.

John, though a kindly man, was also a man of ?spirit, who would not permit people to impose upon him. Like all strong characters, he could be sharp of tongue when he deemed it necessary. Or it might be said, "It wasn't in John not to speak his mind or let any one have the better of his opinion of England.

He was strong, a champion fighter, and could jump his own height, but although, his circumstances were poor, he lead a contented life.

If he could get his hands on the top of a nine pole gate, he could swing himself over to the opposite side. His boys would fill a box with rocks and they could lift it to their waist, but John could lift it over his head.

John invented insulation for electric wiring, molding it from clay. The patent on this invention was not obtained ?immediately and some dishonest person claimed the rights to his invention. John was broken hearted over this incident and grieved about it because he knew he could have been a wealthy man, had he obtained this patent.


When John reached manhood, he was large of stature, weighing two hundred and fifty pounds . He was considered very attractive at the time of his marriage to Ann Keaton in England. (Date unknown). Temple Endowments and Sealings were performed on, the 12th of January, 1887, in the Logan Temple. Children born to them are as follows:

Ann Hatfield Born:

Died: Belper, England, February 24, 1856

Louisa Hatfield Born:


William Hatfield Born: Nottingham, England, April 3, 1849 Died: Murray, Utah, October 31, 1921 and is buried in the Springville, Utah City Cemetery.

Ann Keaton?died July 4, 1850, at Derbyshire, England.


0 F




March 23, 1966

Walter C. Lichfield

Route 1
Morgan, Utah

Dear Brother Lichfield:

Your letter of 16 March 1966 addressed to President Theodore M. Burton has been forwarded to this office for necessary action. You are informed that where you follow a line of sealing rather than a blood line, no specific instruction has been given by the Genealogical Society how to fix pedigree chart. Using your personal problem of Dorothy Sarah Jennison an example, we could suggest that on the pedigree chart in the space for her husband that you place the name of John Hatfield, then place an asterisk at the top of his name which would refer to a notation in the lower left hand corner of the pedigree chart. In the notation you need merely state that this is the fourth husband of Dorothy Sarah Jennison to whom she is sealed, but that he is not the actual father of the child shown on the pedigree chart.

If you also desire to follow the blood line, and as a result thereof to show extensions on that line, you could make a duplicate pedigree chart upon which the progenitor would appear in lieu of John Hatfield, but again here an asterisk would be placed and a notation made on the bottom of the sheet. Both pedigrees would then be identical except for the lineage of the two persons concerned and this could be adjusted by merely giving the extension a different number on your pedigrees.

The reason nothing specific has been set up as instruction here, is because there has been some concern about whether a sealing line is considered established efficiently to be a?first responsibility when such sealing occurred after the death of the individuals concerned. In your case the woman, Dorothy Sarah Jennison, made her decision in life, and for this reason there would be no, question relative to the line of sealing.

The above is offered as one suggested procedure, but if you or any of your ?people have a different preference they may place it in accordance with their desires as long as it is systematic and understandable.

It is a pleasure to be of assistance to you.

John Hatfield 24 January 1819 Belper Derbyshire England

Ann Keaton

Dorothy Sarah

Jacob Hatfield March 1789 Belper Derbyshire England

Elizabeth Street 10 March 1789 Belper Derbyshire England

Thomas Hatfield

Martha Hunt or Sanders

Joseph Street

Godfrey Litchfield abt 1825 Belper Derbyshire England

Dorothy Sarah Jennison 4 January 1827 Notts England

William P. Litchfield 1 July 1853 Nottingham England

Joseph Thomas Litchfield 17 March 1859 Notts England

Anna Matilda Tell 18 September 1861 Goshen, Utah

Godfrey Litchfield 16 June 1788 Belper Derbyshire England

Lucy Bowmer Duffield Derbyshire England William Litchfield abt 1755 Duffield Derbyshire England

Hanna Agard 10 September 1758 Horsley Derbyshire England

Thomas Litchfield

Martha Harrison

Godfrey Litchfield


William Lichfield

Elizabeth Morrell

Patric Bowmer 13 February 1768 Pentrick Derbyshire England

Mary Harrison

(parents of Lucy Bowmer)

William Agard (parents of Hanna Agard)

Elizabeth Gracion

Francis Agard (parents of William)

Elizabeth Radford

William Agard (parents of Francis)

Rebecca Annabel

Thomas Radford (Father of Elizabeth)


William Jennison 4 July 1802 Belper Derbyshire England Matilda Emmerson 22 December 1800 Higham Derbyshire England Christopher Jennison 24 April 1777 Belper Derbyshire England

Sarah Smith 1774 Holdenworthy Derbyshire Eng

Christopher Jennison 21 July 1734

Millicent Webster 8 June 1776

Christopher Jennison

Mary Ride

Samuel Webster (parents of Milicent)

Mary Spencer

John Emmerson 29 January 1762 Stanhope Durham England

Dorothy Pickering 1765

Robert Till 20 May 1826 Brentford Midx England

Mary Ann Greening 17 January 1829 Brixton Hill Surrey Eng

Robert Till 1800 Windsor Berks England

Sarah Bradshaw 21 February 1801 Greenford Midx England

John Till 18 February 1678 Windsor Berks England

Stephen Bradshaw 28 November 1767 Pinner Midx England

Sarah Berrett 1770 Hackney Midx England

Stephen Bradshaw


Joseph Greening 1 November 1791 Oxford, Oxford England

Maria Elizabeth Twaites 5 January 1792 London England

John Greening

Mary Warner 1753

James Twaites 20 September 1768 (Maria?s parents)

Elizabeth Flucums 9 March 1772

William Haws 7 July 1826 Wayne County Illinois

Emily Meacham 9 June 1834 Mercer Co Penn

John Haws 23 July 1798 Butler County Kentucky

Martha Masters 12 February 1802 Surry County N. Carolina

Jacob Haws 1766 Burke North Carolina

Hannah Neal abt 1763 Burke North Carolina

William Neal abt 1723

Halley Clinton 1723

Benjamin Haws 1744 Augusta Parish Virginia

Rebecca Clements abt 1742 NC or Wales

Benjamin Haws

Albert Haws Wales?

Jacob Clements

Mary Campbell

William Campbell


Nicholas Masters 9 March 1764

Elizabeth McDaniel 19 January 1772

Moses Worthen Meacham 19 February 1804 Canaan Grafton NH

Elvira Derby 6 November 1811 Hanover Grafton NH
HATFIELD John (1818) (I11651)
5 The intermarriage of Outlaw and Grady Clans.
Recollection taken from the keynote address of Judge Henry A. Grady at the first Annual reunion, August 29, 1930
As recorded in the official minutes of the Grady-Outlaw Literary and Historical Association.

" John Grady, called the elder, was probably born in 1703. We have the record of his death on March 12, 1787; and among my fathers old records his age is given as 84 years. This would indicate that he was born in 1703. John Grady the elder married Mary Whitfeild, the daughter of William Whitfeild and Mary his wife, who was a Goodman of Ireland. It is a significant fact that at the time of his marriage, the grady's, the Outlaws, the Bryans, and the Whitfeilds were all living in Bertie County; and that members of these four families came into Duplin, where they have intermarried until it is imposible to trace their relationship. Here in Duplin we have Grady Outlaw, and Outlaw Grady; Whitfeild Grady, and Bryan Whitfeild; Bryan Grady and Bryan Outlaw, and other combinations of names, showing the liberal intermarriage ang mixture of families.
Two at least of John Grady's childeren were born in Bertie County- Mary and William. His children were John, Mary, Charity, William, Timothy Frederick, Henry, Lewis, and Elizabeth.  
GRADY John (unproven) (1703) (I7142)
6 * notes Maiden name is same as husbands MORGAN* Frances (I4670)
7 1 February 1818. John Masterson's will names his wife as Katy Masterson.

In the name of god Amen. I John Masterson of the county of Shelby in the Connonwealth of Kentucky, being about to start a journey, and knowing the uncertainty of this mortal life and now being in sound mind, memory and understanding, do make and declare this my last will and testiment as follows: I give and bequeath to my eldest son Charles Masterson one hundred acres of land lying in Shelby County and the State aforsaid, being the piece of land he now lives on. I also give and bequeath to my youngest son Gutherage Masterson, one hundred acres of land lying in Shelby County and State aforsaid, it being the piece of land he now lives on. I also give and bequeath to my eldest daughter Jemmimah Thompson a negro woman named Susan, and three children named Matilda, Mehala, and Harrison to her and her heirs lawfully begotten of her body. I do also give and bequeath to my younger daughter Annis Derrett, three negros named Lot, Anthony, and Melinda to her and her heirs lawfully begotten of her body. I also give to my youngest daugher Lucy Willcocks, three negros named Mill, Cariline, and Sampson to her and her heirs lawfully begotten of her body.--- I do the balance of my property, after my debts are paid, give and bequeath unto my loving wife, Katy Masterson, to her during her natural life and at her decease to be equally divided among Charles, Gutherage, Jemimah, Anis, and Lucy. I do appoint my wife and children my whole executors of this my last will and tesiment. In tesimony whereof I set my hand and affix my seal this first day of February in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and Eighteen. Signed, sealed, and delivered. John Masterson

In the presents of Nathan Rice. 
MOZINGO Catherine (1765), L67L-WWS (I4497)
8 1. Norma Irene STANGER was baptized by her father, Davis Batholomew STANGER ON 18 Jan 1948. STANGER Norma Irene (1939) (I5749)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5744)
10 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F7007534
11 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5748)
12 1. Virginia Lee HARRIS was confirmed the samed day as she was baptized. HARRIS Virginia Lee (1934) (I5746)
13 1. William Lichfield was sealed on 10 Apr 1936 to his mother, Dorothy Sarah Jennison and her fourth (4th) husband, John HATFIELD.  LICHFIELD William (1853) (I7836)
14 1663: Richard Wilcoxon of Manley bequeath unto Peter Hall and to Dorothy his wife his messuage and tenement in Norley WILCOXON Richard 1608 (I11074)
15 1691: Arthur Wilcoxon of Manley, possessed of two parcels or pieces of ground, in Manley aforsaid, called or known by the several names of the STANDERLOWand the MOULDRIDDING for a long number of years my messuage and tenement in Manley and land in KINGSLY and CROTON. WILCOXON Arthur 1626 (I6881)
16 1850 Itawamba, Mississippi Census shows Archibald Grady was born in Virginia in 1777. ( He may have been born in Lunenburg County, Virginia) GRADY Archibald (1777) (I243)
17 1850 Itawamba, Mississippi Census shows Thomas as living with Archibald and Elizabeth Grady Age 17. GRADY Thomas (1833) (I6285)
18 1850 Pontotoc, Mississippi, Census , Page 0090.txt, www.us-census.org/pub-ftp/ms/pontotoc/1850/indx-f-h.txt Family F7008025
19 29 Aug 2009 - Changed name fdrom Ada Blanche Green to Ida Blanche Green based on information received from Donna Hill granddaughter of said Ida. GREEN Ida Blanche (1893) (I4548)
20 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I15949)
21 A search of Utah marriage records show that James H O'Brien and Mary Hanson were married in Salt Lake City, Utah on 25 Aug 1887. J H O'brien was listed in the marriage record as living in Price, Utah. Mary Hanson was listed as living at Grassy Trail, Utah. Grassy Trail is an area lyuing about 6 miles east and north of the town of Sunnyside, Utah.

She was born in Denmark on 15 Sep 1869 as Ane Marie Hansdatter. We believe she changed her name to Mary Hanson when she came to Utah about 1882. 
Family F7007890
22 According to the 1920 US census John BARRETT AGE 68 was residing with Jeremiah DOUD and Catherine BARRETT. BARRETT Catherine (1887), L1XQ-9CN (I241)
23 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I6382)
24 Andrew Sweet is the son of Michelle Lynch and an father from a previous marriage is unknown to the administrator of this web site. Family F7011047
A considerable amount of circumstantial evidence has been developed which shows that the woman known as MARY HANSON (1869)was in fact born on 15 Sep 1869 in Dojringe, Soro, Denmark and named ANE' MARIE HANSDATTER. Ane Marie Hansdatter's family were converts to the LDS church.
The oldest surviving son, Hans (Fred) HANSON emigrated to Northern Utah about 1877 then relocated to central Utah in the area of Price, Wellington and Sunnyside Utah. Reportedly, Hans Hanson sent for his sister, Ane Marie in about 1881 and she subsequently emigrated to Utah in 1882.
Between 1882 an 1887 Ane Marie anglicized her last name so that it was the same as her brother. She went by the name Mary Hanson until she met James H. O'Brien of Price, Carbon, Utah. Mary Hanson and James H. O'Brien were married in Salt Lake City on 25 Aug 1887. After their marriage, James H. and Mary Hanson O'Brien moved to Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado, USA. 
HANSON (HANSDATTER) Mary (1869) (Ane' Marie), K8QD-FW5 (I6837)
26 Ane Marie Hansdatter immigrated to the United States in 1882 to live with her brother Hans Frederick Hanson. She changed her name to Mary Hanson to match her brother's surname. She was known as Mary Hanson when she married James H. O'Brien on 25 Aug 1887 in Salt Lake City, Utah. James H O'Brien died in Pueblo, Colorado in 1902. Some years after O'Brien's death Mary O'Brien was married to William Foran, and was thereafter known as Mary Foran. William Foran was injured in an industrial accident at the copper smelter in McGill, Nevada where he worked. Mr. Foran died in or near McGill but the date of death is not known. About 1910 Mary Hanson O'Brien Foran and her 2nd husband, William Foran moved to McGill, Nevada where he worked in the local copper smelter. Mary Hanson O'Brien Foran moved to Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho to live near her eldest daughter, Ellen Anastasia O'Brien Thomas. Mary Hanson O'Brien Foran died in Pocatello, Idaho on 27 November 1927 and was buried as Mary Foran in the Mountain View Cemetery in Pocatello, Idaho.

HANSON (HANSDATTER) Mary (1869) (Ane' Marie), K8QD-FW5 (I6837)
27 Archibald Grady (Age 72 born in Virginia) and his wife Elizabeth Grady (Age 72 born in South Carolina) and teenager Thomas Grady (age 17) is Listed as living with Archibald Grady's son Wiley D. Grady on the 1850 Itawamba, Mississippi Census. GRADY Archibald (1777) (I243)
28 Archibald Grady (Listed as Arch?. Grady) is listed in the 1830 Limestone Alabama Census. States Archibald has five sons, wife, and one daughter. GRADY Archibald (1777) (I243)
29 Archibald Grady is listed as A. Grady in the 1840 De Kalb Alabama Census. GRADY Archibald (1777) (I243)
30 As of January, 2013 David Douglas Emery and his family were living in Homedale, Idaho with his parents, Douglas David Emery and Rebecca ________. David is preparing to enter the College of Western Idaho in Nampa, Idaho to study his General Requirements while considering his options for choosing a field of specialization. Currently under consideration are Business Administration or Veterinary Medicine. David was discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps in November, 2012 after serving his country for five (5)years. His service included assigments in Afganistan, Washington State and North Carolina.  EMERY David Douglas (1986) (I15783)
31 At the time of the marriage of James B. FORGY and Rebecca CLEMENTS she was the widow of Benjamin HAWS II who died in 1778. Records for Benjamin HAWS II can be found in familysearch.org under ID number LTWC-JF4.  FORGY James B. (1752) (2), LZ68-6PN (I14799)
32 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I29)
33 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I910)
34 Ayla Marie Larkin was born on 4 Dec 2012 in Davis Hospital in Layton, Utah. She was born at about 2:13 PM on Tuesday, 4 Dec 2012. At birth, Ayla Marie weighed 7 ls. 3 oz and was 19.5" long LARKIN Ayla Marie (2012) (I15782)
35 babtism reconfirmed in SLAKE ON 28 Jan 1965. ALLEN Gordon (I7150)
36 Baptism reconfirmed in SLAKE on 28 Jan 1965. ALLEN Clarissa Amanda (1807) (I7151)
37 Baptism reconfirmed in SLAKE on 28 Jan 1965. ALLEN Jude (1811) (I7081)
39 Baptism reconfirmed in SLAKE on 28 Jan 1965. ALLEN Emily (1820) (I7155)
40 Benjamin HAWS II was the first husband of Rebecca CLEMENTS. When Benjamin died in 1778 he left Rebecca a 36 year old widow with four (4) sons to raise. Rebecca married for a second time to James B FORGY about 1780. James & Rebecca had five children together. Records of Benjamin Haws II can be found in familysearch.org under ID number LTWC-JF4. HAWS Benjamin (1740), LCPF-WNS (I9190)
41 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I6012)
42 Birth information supplied by Donna Hill 6-17-2009. GREEN Willie Gay (1903) (I4552)
43 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I452)
44 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I8049)
45 Burial Records taken from Sexton Records at Salt Lake City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Grave location is: N-15-58-4-W. 
LICHFIELD Charlotte (1918) (I5PXF-LD)
46 Burial Records taken from Sexton Records at Salt Lake City Cemetery. Grave location is N-15-58-3-W HAYS Edward Davis (1913) (I7L3N-KG)
47 Burialak records taken from Sexton Records at Salt Lake City Cemetery. Grave location is N-15-61-5-W. HAYS Harry Edward (1934) (I286)
48 Burried next to her husband on top of the hill above Riverton, Alabama in an unmarked grave. TALLEY Martha (IC1P6-FN)
49 Burried on the hill above Riverton Alabama in an unmarked grave. GRADY James Madison (1820) (IC1P6-DH)
50 Callie Laurine HAYES and Wiley Lester HAYES were twins. HAYES Callie Laurine (1887), twin (I4348)

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