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201 Sir Peter De Le Hay also purchased a manor in the year 1382, consisting of some 46 acres, named "Faderlesfeld", which was located approximately near Bolton in the ancient parish of Newton-cum-Bolton. Today known as Newton-on-the-Ouse a town near the tributary (Ouse) of the Humber River.

Surtees Soc XXXII:98[16]]

Faderlesfeld: "Non ending Fields" 
Sir DE LA HAYE Peter (1358) (I15426)
202 Sir Richard Masterson was knighted 1599 by Earl of Essex Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Senshal of Ferns and Wexforde Castles succeding his father Sir Thomas. In 1615 a grant was made by letters patent from the owner to Sir Richard Masterson of all the land of Ferns that had formerly been granted to his father, the Manors at Cloghamon and Cloghlskin. During his life he confered the greater portion of his estate to JOHN MASTERSON of Rosmenock and a considerable portion to Rowland Masterson of Borishamon. By his will in 1624 he divided his estate after the death of his wife Maybel to JOHN MASTERSON of Borishamon and the male heirs of his body. Remainder to Rowland Masterson and the heirs of his body. and remainder to the heir of his late brother Nicholas Masterson. An inquisition held at Wexforde on 8 april 1630 found the extent and disolution of Sir Richard Mastersons estate and that the Heir male was Edward Masterson son of Robert, son of Nicholas. under the terms of the will and prior settlements, JOHN MASTERSON of Rosmeock came into possession of the Ferns Estate. He died 24 Feb 1624 leaving Laurence Masterson heir of the estate, and the remainder to Richard Masterson heir of his body. Laurence Masterson died in London on 21 Sept 1634 and was interred in St. Clement Danes in the Strand Appears by his funeral certificate in ulsters office. Sir MASTERSON Richard (1545) (I15831)
203 Sir Thomas Hayes( died 27 September 1617) was an English merchant who was Lord Mayor of London in 1614. Hayes was a city of London textile merchant and a member of the Worshipful Company of Drapers. On 22 December 1603 he was elected an alderman of the City of London for Bishopsgate ward. He was Knighted on 26 July 1603. He was Sheriff of London for the years 1604 to 1605. In 1613 he was elected alderman for Cornhill ward. In 1614 he was elected Lord Mayor of London. Hayes married a daughter of Robert Howse who was sheriff from 1586 to 1587. His daughter married Sir Henry Boothby, 1st Baronet. Lord Mayor of London Sir HAYES Thomas (1548), LDBW-4GL (I14712)
204 Sir William Morgan was the First Baronet of Glouchester. Sir MORGAN Sir William (I4662)
205 Some Highlights from the Life of JOHN HATFIELD -

John Hatfield was born in Belper, Derbyhire, England on the 14th of November 1818. He wasthe 4th child of 7 children born to Jacob Hatfield and Elizabeth Street. His mother was Elizabeth Street christened 10 March 1789 and married 8 October 1816.

His father was a land owner and John's boyhood was well spent in helping his father raise various fruits and vegetables. He used the knowledge and experience gained through these when he came to Utah, where he raised a lovely orchard of his own and grew grain on ten acres of land.

Like many English people, John's education was limited. It has always been an English tradition that its people learn a trade of some sort to help make their own livelihood. As he became of age, John learned many trades. Pottery making, glass blowing and cooking were his chief trades. In pottery, he created his own designs. John became an expert glass blower, making many beautiful ornamental pieces with his clever skill of arrangements. He was also an expert cook, specializing in fruit cake, mincemeat, and candy, which he sold from his privately owned shop. His many customers and friends came from near and far to purchase these fine goods. It has been said he could make a perfect star with the ingredients used in stick candy.

Recipe for John's Mincemeat -

2 1/4 pounds round of beef

2 quarts chopped apples

1 /2 pint chopped suet

1 1/2 pints raisins

1 pint currants

1 quart sugar, brown
1/2 pint molasses

3 pints wine

4 tablespoonfuls cinnamon

2 tablespoonfuls salt

1 tablespoonful allspice

1 tablespoonful mace

1 teaspoonful cloves

4 nutmegs, grated

4 lemons

3 pieces citron, chopped

Put the beef in a small stewpan and cover with boiling water. Cook three hours, having the water only bubble at one side of the stewpan. Take from the fire and let the meat cool in the water, with cover off the pan. When cold, remove the fat and gristle, and chop the meat rather fine. Put it in a large bowl with all the other ingredients, except the wine, and mix thoroughly. Now add the wine, and let the mixture stand in a cold place overnight. In the morning, turn the mincemeat into a porcelain kettle and heat slowly to the boiling point; then simmer gently for one hour. Put the mixture into stone jars and set away in a cold place; or it may be put in glass jars and sealed. When the pies are being made, I tumbler jelly or marmalade to 3 or 4 pies will be found a great improvement.

John was a fine athlete and a well known boxer, holding the championship in Belper and the surrounding counties. On one occasion, he carried his son William 14 miles on his back to a boxing bout. At the bout, disagreeing with the referee's decision, John jumped in the ring and said, "I've twenty sovereign in me pocket that I can lick the two of thee.

John, though a kindly man, was also a man of ?spirit, who would not permit people to impose upon him. Like all strong characters, he could be sharp of tongue when he deemed it necessary. Or it might be said, "It wasn't in John not to speak his mind or let any one have the better of his opinion of England.

He was strong, a champion fighter, and could jump his own height, but although, his circumstances were poor, he lead a contented life.

If he could get his hands on the top of a nine pole gate, he could swing himself over to the opposite side. His boys would fill a box with rocks and they could lift it to their waist, but John could lift it over his head.

John invented insulation for electric wiring, molding it from clay. The patent on this invention was not obtained ?immediately and some dishonest person claimed the rights to his invention. John was broken hearted over this incident and grieved about it because he knew he could have been a wealthy man, had he obtained this patent.


When John reached manhood, he was large of stature, weighing two hundred and fifty pounds . He was considered very attractive at the time of his marriage to Ann Keaton in England. (Date unknown). Temple Endowments and Sealings were performed on, the 12th of January, 1887, in the Logan Temple. Children born to them are as follows:

Ann Hatfield Born: Died: Belper, England, February 24, 1856

Louisa Hatfield


William Hatfield
Born: Nottingham, England, April 3, 1849 Died: Murray, Utah, October 31, 1921 He is buried in the Springville, Utah City Cemetery.

Ann Keaton
Born: died July 4, 1850, at Derbyshire, England.






March 23, 1966

Walter C. Lichfield

Route 1
Morgan, Utah

Dear Brother Lichfield:

Your letter of 16 March 1966 addressed to President Theodore M. Burton has been forwarded to this office for necessary action. You are informed that where you follow a line of sealing rather than a blood line, no specific instruction has been given by the Genealogical Society how to fix pedigree chart. Using your personal problem of Dorothy Sarah Jennison an example, we could suggest that on the pedigree chart in the space for her husband that you place the name of John Hatfield, then place an asterisk at the top of his name which would refer to a notation in the lower left hand corner of the pedigree chart. In the notation you need merely state that this is the fourth husband of Dorothy Sarah Jennison to whom she is sealed, but that he is not the actual father of the child shown on the pedigree chart.

If you also desire to follow the blood line, and as a result thereof to show extensions on that line, you could make a duplicate pedigree chart upon which the progenitor would appear in lieu of John Hatfield, but again here an asterisk would be placed and a notation made on the bottom of the sheet. Both pedigrees would then be identical except for the lineage of the two persons concerned and this could be adjusted by merely giving the extension a different number on your pedigrees.

The reason nothing specific has been set up as instruction here, is because there has been some concern about whether a sealing line is considered established efficiently to be a?first responsibility when such sealing occurred after the death of the individuals concerned. In your case the woman, Dorothy Sarah Jennison, made her decision in life, and for this reason there would be no, question relative to the line of sealing.

The above is offered as one suggested procedure, but if you or any of your ?people have a different preference they may place it in accordance with their desires as long as it is systematic and understandable.

It is a pleasure to be of assistance to you.

John Hatfield 24 January 1819 Belper Derbyshire England

Ann Keaton

Dorothy Sarah

Jacob Hatfield March 1789 Belper Derbyshire England

Elizabeth Street 10 March 1789 Belper Derbyshire England

Thomas Hatfield

Martha Hunt or Sanders

Joseph Street

Godfrey Litchfield abt 1825 Belper Derbyshire England

Dorothy Sarah Jennison 4 January 1827 Notts England

William P. Litchfield 1 July 1853 Nottingham England

Joseph Thomas Litchfield 17 March 1859 Notts England

Anna Matilda Tell 18 September 1861 Goshen, Utah

Godfrey Litchfield 16 June 1788 Belper Derbyshire England

Lucy Bowmer Duffield Derbyshire England William Litchfield abt 1755 Duffield Derbyshire England

Hanna Agard 10 September 1758 Horsley Derbyshire England

Thomas Litchfield

Martha Harrison

Godfrey Litchfield


William Lichfield

Elizabeth Morrell

Patric Bowmer 13 February 1768 Pentrick Derbyshire England

Mary Harrison

(parents of Lucy Bowmer)

William Agard (parents of Hanna Agard)

Elizabeth Gracion

Francis Agard (parents of William)

Elizabeth Radford

William Agard (parents of Francis)

Rebecca Annabel

Thomas Radford (Father of Elizabeth)


William Jennison 4 July 1802 Belper Derbyshire England Matilda Emmerson 22 December 1800 Higham Derbyshire England Christopher Jennison 24 April 1777 Belper Derbyshire England

Sarah Smith 1774 Holdenworthy Derbyshire Eng

Christopher Jennison 21 July 1734

Millicent Webster 8 June 1776

Christopher Jennison

Mary Ride

Samuel Webster (parents of Milicent)

Mary Spencer

John Emmerson 29 January 1762 Stanhope Durham England

Dorothy Pickering 1765

Robert Till 20 May 1826 Brentford Midx England

Mary Ann Greening 17 January 1829 Brixton Hill Surrey Eng

Robert Till 1800 Windsor Berks England

Sarah Bradshaw 21 February 1801 Greenford Midx England

John Till 18 February 1678 Windsor Berks England

Stephen Bradshaw 28 November 1767 Pinner Midx England

Sarah Berrett 1770 Hackney Midx England

Stephen Bradshaw


Joseph Greening 1 November 1791 Oxford, Oxford England

Maria Elizabeth Twaites 5 January 1792 London England

John Greening

Mary Warner 1753

James Twaites 20 September 1768 (Maria?s parents)

Elizabeth Flucums 9 March 1772

William Haws 7 July 1826 Wayne County Illinois

Emily Meacham 9 June 1834 Mercer Co Penn

John Haws 23 July 1798 Butler County Kentucky

Martha Masters 12 February 1802 Surry County N. Carolina

Jacob Haws 1766 Burke North Carolina

Hannah Neal abt 1763 Burke North Carolina

William Neal abt 1723

Halley Clinton 1723

Benjamin Haws 1744 Augusta Parish Virginia

Rebecca Clements abt 1742 NC or Wales

Benjamin Haws

Albert Haws Wales?

Jacob Clements

Mary Campbell

William Campbell


Nicholas Masters 9 March 1764

Elizabeth McDaniel 19 January 1772

Moses Worthen Meacham 19 February 1804 Canaan Grafton NH

Elvira Derby 6 November 1811 Hanover Grafton NH
HATFIELD John (1818) (I11651)
206 source: Histoy of the diocese of Coutances et Avranches, author Lecanu, Auguste Franqois, page 444.
Source: Disgecta maembra; les textes, author d'Auevilly, Jules Barbery; Doyon, Rene-Luois. page 230 
Viscount of Contentin DE SAINT-SAUVEUR Richard I (881), (I15716)
207 Suffix or ID Number is incomplete. Check family search for accurate ID number. FOULGER Herbert John (1848), LWN;-Q8W (I14344)
208 Summersett to Bell deed connects; Samuel Bell, William Bell (brother), and Alexander Bell ( possible father). It would be nice to find more information on Alexander Bell who is the possible son of Robert Bell. BELL Samuel (1747), LC57-FWK (I4577)
209 Surname changed by order of Emperor Napolian. Name changed to van Dijk which translates to, of or from the dike. VAN DIJK Liefert Jansen Asjes (I4767)
210 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4806)
211 The 27 Sep 1951 issue of The Douglas County News reported that William Harry O'Brien passed away on Saturday, 22 Sep 1951 at Rocky Mountain Hospital in Denver, Colorado. Mr. O'Brien was buried in the Parker, Colorado Cemetery. No burial date given.  O'BRIEN William Harry (1888) (I16103)
212 The Arms of Robert de la Hay, granted in 1424, were considered the arms of the De la Haye family. they bore three gold leopard heads. The arms were lost due to the attainment of John Hayes of Axholme and in 1505 they were re awarded and carried onward by his son John Hayes, then of Litley. Thereby they became the arms of the Hayes of Litley bearing three silver leopard heads. DE LA HAYE John (1445) (I8575)
213 The family search records for Emily S. Crane show her to have been born in 1824. If this were the case her mother, Sarah Amelie Crane, would have been 1 year old and her father, Jason E. Crane would have been 5 years old at her birth. Since the records also show that Sarah and Jason were married in 1844, I have adjusted the records to show that Emily was born in 1844. Also, the records show her husband, Jason E. Crane was born in 1819. This is a more reasonable time frame. MOre research needs to be done to show if these assumptions are correct.

CRANE Emily S. (1844), L4MY-SD4 (I612)
214 The name Bohun ( pronounced Bo'u'ne) translated at the time to the french word Just. de Bohun meaning " Of The house of justice". DE BOHUN Humphrey I (1035), (I8084)
215 The new Family Search record PID:24T4-BHJ shows a birth year for Lemuel Chesnutt as 1761. According to the record PID:279W-T51 for his father, John Chesnutt, his father was born in 1755. If that is correct, then Lemuel was born when John was only 6 years old. According to Lemuel's mother's record PID:279W-TRH she was born in 1743. Therefore, she would nave been 17 years old when Lemuel was born. There are some questions. 1) Did Charity have Lemuel out of wedlock when she was 17? 2} Was Charity Parker married to some one before she married John Chesnutt? 3) Is the 1761 birth year for Lemuel a typographical error? This latest question seems possible. In the absence of other evidence I am going to give the young, beautiful and virtuous Charity Parker a pass and estimate that Lemuel Parker was born in 1781 which seems to work out timing wise with the his parent's marriage date and the birth year of Charity Chestnutt's indicated 1873 birth year.  CHESNUTT Lemuel (1781) (I14157)
216 The surename Wilmouth (Wilmoth) is reported to have connections with the Cherokee Nation. Though no actual proof that our Wilmouth was Cherokee, Some of the grandchildren of Charles Edward Mozingo made statements that their Grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. All Things Cherokee: http;// www. melugeons.com/ guestbook 9.htm MCCANN Sarah Wilmoth (1725), L6WB-CB4 (I5584)
217 The Testament of John Hay of Legbourne.
16 May, 1527, I John Hay, son of Ric' makes my wyll. To the church of Legborn vjs. viijid. To Elizabeth my wyff. to Thomas My son and Agnes my daughter, ( both under age). To a preist to syng for me and my wyffs ij yere xl.will Sir John Smyth have it and he may begotten. Residue of my goodes to Ancell Neyff and George Gybson. Whom I make Executors, with Sir John Smyth supervisor.Thyes men beying wytness, Sir John Smyth, curat: Ric" Turgose, Ancell Atherwyke, Robert Phylyp

Proved before P., at Lincoln 6 July, 1527. Admin. granted to executors.

Lincoln wills-1527(Jan-June) Lincoln Wills: Volume 2(pp. 22-35) 
HAY John (1500) (I15866)
218 The Will of Peter Hayes: Isle of Wight County. Virginia, Will and Deed Book 2 ( 1666-1719)

In the name of God Amen, I PETER HAYES being very sick and weak of body do make this my last Will and Testament. First I bequeath my soul unto almighty God my Heavenly Father, and my body to the ground, to be decently buried.
Viz: First I desire that all my debts be justly paid, and the remainder of my estate to be equally divided, and my Mother to have the one half, and my Sister ANNE CORNES the other half. And after it shall please God upon my Mother and Sister's deaths that my cousin THOMAS BINHAM be immediately seized with the said land as witness my hand and seal. 7th day of March 1678.

Signed and Sealed in the presents of us.

This Will was proven in Open Court held for the Isle of Wight County, the 10th day of March 1678/9 by the oath of HUGH HUMPHREYS and ordered to be recorded. Test: JN BROOMFIELD
Cl. Ct. 
HAYES Peter ll (1600), (I8521)
219 Their is some evidence that George Boone III died on 27 July 1744. Perhaps this later date is his burial date, but that is speculation. BOONE George III (1666) (I391)
220 There is confusion as to the name of this person. In a Deed of Gift from Josiah Parker to his children dated 7 May 1846 Josiah listed his children as Littleberry Sander (1814), Darius (after his brother), Samuel(after hisfather), Hilliard, Alfred and Mary Matilda.

The 1850 census for Northampton Co., North Carolina lists this person as Mary J. Parker, born in 1828 in Alabama. When the 1 Nov 1850 census was taken she was living with Josiah Parker and his son Littleberry Sander Parker and family in Northampton, North Carolina.

I believe that the Deed of Gift is a more reliable source document than the Census of 1850 and thus will use the Mary Matilda Parker name in these records.

Jim Hays 27 Apr 2010 
PARKER Mary Matilda (1828) (I5336)
221 This Anne Barfield is not the daughter of Richard Barfield BARFIELD Anne (1680) (I8463)
222 This Edward Hayes is reported to have been from Liverpool and was the Captain of the ship Golden Hind. HAYES Edward (1550) (I15433)
223 This is a theoretical line of a Hay/Heye/Hayes family in Epworth ( near Belton) Lincolnshire. Abraham may be a direct Descendant of Jahn Hayes and Elline Litley.

Scott Jansen Feb 26 2013 
HEYES/HAYES Abrahami (1680) (I15876)
224 This is a theoretical Line showing a connection to John Hayes and Ellen Daniells. This line is not proven.

Scott Jansen Feb 26 2013 
HAY Thomas (1774) (I15887)
225 This is a theoretical line that shows a possible connection to John Hayes and Ellen Daniell (Tarbock). It is not proven. Notice the area is Epworth (Belton) Lincolnshire "from where" John Hayes (1445) fled during the War of the Roses. In the Omerod manuscript on ancient Palentine and Chester there is a source that say's that John Hayes never gave up tenure to the Belton Estate. These Hays may be living on the lands formerly owned by John Hayes (1445). They may be direct descendants. Also there may be a connection to the De La Haye's of Aughton and Spaldington manors. The same names appear. including Godfrey a line going back to Godfrey De La Hay (San Savier).

It is a possible direction to follow only.
Scott Jansen Feb 26 2013 
HAY/HAYES Johnathan (1746) (I15884)
226 This is a Theoretical line. From: The Dewar and Sadler line. It may have some connection to John Hayes (1445) who fled Belton (Epworth), Lincolnshire during the war of the Roses. Note that this line has the name of Godfrey, one of the named from the De La Hay of Auton family.

HEYES/HAYES Godfrey (1620) (I15874)
227 This is a theoretical line. It is not proven. But it may be a direction to follow. We have a Jonathan Hay living in Epworth, Lincolnshire, England an area some 2 miles away from Belton where we believe John Hayes and Elizabeth Litley originated. This John Hay may be a direct descendant of John and Elizabeth hayes of Litley.

More research needs to be done on this family. We need to find more generations going back.

This is not proven.
Scott Jansen 26 Feb, 2013 
HAY/HAYES Johnathan (1716) (I15882)
228 This unknown Hayes is listed as the husband of Margaret Savage, daughter of George Savage and Mrs. Dyes of Borrow.
This information can be found in " The Ancient and Noble Family of the Savages of the Ards, https://openlibrary.org/books/OL23503171M Page 27 
HAYES unknown (1505) (I16048)
229 Thomas Grady was taken in possibly Grandson or adopted. Cannot be Son because of age of Parents, May be Wiley D. Grady's son) GRADY Thomas (I6285) GRADY Thomas (1833) (I6285)
230 Though it has been proven that a George Bohun ( Boone ) lived in Stoak Cannon England and married Joan Healle and Anne Fallace ( there are records to this fact). And also we have records of George Boone I in Stoak Cannon, his son being George Boone II, we have no actual written record as to the relationship between George Bohun and George Boone I, but as the life expectancy was short I do not beleive that either George Boone I or George Bohun lived to be 117 years old so there has to be 2 George Boones. But this will never be cleared up

There was a Religious uprising against King James I during the late 1500's between Catholics and and Anglicans. The uprising was put down. When his son Charles I became of age, after the rule of Regents in his stead, and susequently King, he, acting out of spite, removed from all but Anglican churches all birth and death records of those who faught against his father. Destroying forever any claims of lineage to nobility of those who faught against his father and the crown. Due to claims from all over as to the true right to the thrown.

This is possibly why we have no birth or death records of George Bohun and why the spelling of the name changed ( possibly for protection). we also do not know the name of Geoge Boone 's mother. Hazel A. Spraker is said to have had in her persoal notes the proof . But after her death the notes were lost.

So from this person, going back in time, it is only speculation. 
Sir BOONE George I (1597), LBZ9-26W (I8121)
231 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F7007136
232 U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 Record
about Jesse Hays
Name: Jesse Hays
Gender: male
Birth Place: NC
Birth Year: 1802
Spouse Name: Sarah Anis Wilcoxen
Spouse Birth Place: VA
Spouse Birth Year: 1820
Marriage Year: 1836
Marriage State: AL
Number Pages: 1
(Source given by Vicki Hays) 
Family F7007113
233 Various records show that Thadius Hayes died in Huntsville, Alabama or in Riverton. This matter needs further research. HAYES Amos Franklin (1894) (I4499)
234 Walston PACE and his wife Beala OF Sheffield, Colbert, AL were the parents of Kenneth Eugene PACE, husband of Mary Alice BEVIS PACE Walston (I4376)
235 Wayne Ash married Eileen ___________ in July 2009. She died at 10:00 AM on the morning of 16 May 2011. Ironically, this is the same day and month as the birthday of Wayne's 2nd wife, Judy May Stratton. ASH Wayne R. (1937) (I8484)
236 We do Not know for sure if this John Hays deeded land to Jesse son of Arthur Hays HAYS John (1758), L4Q4-QW3 (I7656)
237 We have 2 documented lines, 1. the line from Ralph de la Haye to Robert de la Haye of the Spaldyngton line, who died in 1448. This line is documented in "Testimente Eboracensia" Vol 1-2. 2. the line of John Hayes of Litley, documented in "the Visitation of Cheshire 1580" page 121.
At this time we have not been able find evidence to link these 2 lines. Therefore these 2 families are being put together as a possible direction to follow. The de la Haye line ends at 1448 AD, and the John Hayes line begins at 1445 AD.
Also it is interesting to note that names of individuals in both of these lines are the same. They are John, Thomas, Peter, Richard, Robert, James, Alice, Agness, Margarett, Katherine, and Elizabeth.

Therefore consider these connections Hypothetical at this time.

Rector of Brantingham, Cannon of Chester, Proctor of Givendale Master DE LA HAYE Robert (1400) (I15429)
238 We have 2 different lines documented on Pages 122 and 123 of "The Visitation of Cheshire 1613. 1. The Hayes of Little Leigh (Litley), including the family of Peter Hayes, "The Captain". 2. The Hayes of Nantwich and Newhall, including the line from Edward Hayes (possibly Edward Hayes of Liverpool) to Richard Hayes of New Hall, born about 1475. New Hall being most likely in Derbyshire, north of Birmingham, England......We have not found documentation to positively link these 2 families, but names are the same as mentioned in the histories of Peter Hayes" The Captain" and his son Peter Hayes "the Envoy".......We have evidence also of the Hayes of Litley, through "The Visitation of Cheshire 1580", page 121.....We have evidence listed in websites of John Hayes fleeing Belton Manor near Axeholme, North Lincolnshire during the War of the Roses. This is documented on pages 612-617 in "the History of ancient Palentine and Chester in Cheshire", by author George Omerod 1819. However I have never seen a copy of this book "including" pages 612-617. DE LA HAYE John (1445) (I8575)
239 When Germain de la Hay died, the manor at Aughton was transfered to the Aske family. Thus the end of the de la Hay's of Aughton. Alice remarried after Germain died. Thomas Myton was her next husband. The manor was settled dated 10 RIC ii. Thomas Myton died without issue and the manor was given to Alice's brother's son Richard ASKE after her death in 1440. Special Collections; Ancient petitions, SC 8/191/9519 DE LA HAY Germanus (1360) (I15605)
240 Wiley Lester HAYES and Calley Laurine HAYES were twins. HAYES Wiley Lester (1887) (I4347)

Will 449 Pg. 170 JAMES BELL 15 March 1798 June Court 1798
To my loving wife ELIZABETH BELL 1 negro, bed and furniture etc. with an equal share of the remaining stock and furniture with my children. my property to be kept together to support wife and children until my eldest daughter comes of age. wife 1/3 of all my land during her life residue of real and personal property to be equally divided among my children ( names not given, see will of William Bell 1801) when they come to maturity.

Xtrs: my wife and my brother ( name not given)
Probate indicates WILLIAM BELL qualified as Extr.

WILL BOOK TWO 1792-1808 975.649 P2h FHL Salt lake City, Utah, 
BELL James (1742) (I15822)
242 Will of PETER HAYS, 3 August 1760 Probated March Court 1761 Halifax Co. North Carolina.
Will gave sons Charles and Ruben 5 shillings each.
Will gave daughters Hannah Hays, Rebecca Emmy Hays, Edy Phillips, Selvi Hayes, Winny Hilliard, Milly Hayes, Willi Hays 5 shillings each.
Will gave Martha Hays the residue of the estate to see that the children were educated and cared for. Wit: Thomas Good, William Rodgers{x his mark}, Ruben Hays {x his mark}
Executrix: wife Martha
From Genealogical Abstracts of Wills Halifax County, North Carolina, 1758-1824. 
HAYES Peter IV (1673), LS6D-LZC (I8516)
243 Will of Robert Del Hay, Master, Canon (York Minister), Prebendary of Givendale. York Medieval Probate Records. 8 Jan 1448/9 Canon of Catholic church of Saint Peter, York, Administative Vol.2 Folio 184-rv
ORIGINS.NET. Must be a member to view document written in Latin. Cannot gain access to this document at this time. 
Rector of Brantingham, Cannon of Chester, Proctor of Givendale Master DE LA HAYE Robert (1400) (I15429)
244 William and Alexander bell are listed as Witnesses to deeds dated 11 Sept 1786:

917-(400) WILLIAM SUMMERSETT of Bladen Co. & LEWIS SUMMERSETT of Northampton Co. to JOSEPH SUMMERSETT of Northampton Co. 11 Sept 1786 200 pounds on the north side of Urahah Swamp, joining the road,REAVELL, SOLOMON PACE, WILLIAM HOWELL, THOMAS TURNER. Wit: ALEXANDER BELL, WILLIAM BELL. Dec Ct 1786. Ea. Haynes DCCt

918-(401) WILLIAM SUMMESETT of Bladen Co. to LEWIS SUMMERSETT & JOSEPH SUMMERSETT of Northampton Co. 11 sep 1786. Deed of Gift. 200 acres where SEYMORE SUMMERSETT lived joining the river, HOWELL, MR. KENZZY, spring branch wit: ALEXANDER BELL, WILLIAM BELL. Dec Ct 1786 Ea. Haynes DCCt 
BELL Alexander (1720) (I15818)
245 William Forrest Hays only lived four hours. HAYS William Forrest (1922), LR436QK (I5850)
246 Zia Elizabeth Pylant was born at 6:15 PM EDT on 12 April 2013 in the Cookeville, Regional Medical Center in Cookeville, Putnam County, Tennessee. Zia is the daughter of Amanda Noel Martin and Adam Pylant. She weighed 7 lbs 5.9 oz. at birth and was 20 1/4" long. Her grandparents, James E and Penny T Hays survived the birth as well.  PYLANT Zia Elizabeth (2013) (I15972)
247 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I11751)

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