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101 Humphry de Bohun was born after Henry. Henry was named Earl of Hertford. Humphry was named Baron of Hertford. Baron of Hertford DE BOHUN Humphrey V. ( ), (I8123)
102 Hyrum Thomas HUMPHERYS body was moved 2 Nov 1931 to Utah. HUMPHERYS Hyrum Thomas (1850) (I12589)
103 I talked with Sharon Ann Calligan Propati on Saturday, 6 April 2013. She provided me with the death date of her husbad Joseph Propati. In addition she provided an address and phone numer for her cousin, Mary K. OBrien Bates, dau of Carl Angus OBrien. CALLIGAN Sharon Ann (1936) (I15161)
104 If Catherine (M38K-QR7) was born as shown in abt. 1756 and her husband, Richard McGuire, died in 1876 that is a spread of 140 years. Assuming that they married when Catherine was 20 years old (1776)that was 100 years before the death of Richard. It might be biologically possible but I doubt it. Look for more accurate information on the birth of Catherine. Jim Hays, 25 Sept 2018. Catharine (1756), M38K-QR7 (I128)
105 IGI 10 Microfiche Alabama 0016, Page 4,029 Family F7008025
106 In 1977, at the Hayes Family Reunion, Cecil T. Hayes held a brief interview with Jo Hayes. She was at that time married to Paul Bird, lived in Tuscumbia and worked in a restaurant. Family F7010796
107 In the "Visitation of Cheshire 1580" page 121, we see that John Hayes of Litley marries. Ellen d. to .........Daniell of Ridley. This is the evidence we have to go on at the moment.

In the "Visitation of Cheshire 1613"page 70-71, we see that Ellen Daniell daughter of Thomas Daniell Esquire and Blanch Warburton, has married Henry Turbocke.

New Family search lists 2 husbands for Ellen Daniell:
1. John Hayes, Died before 1515.
2. second marriage in 1515 to Henry Turbocke.

Also something of note there was an Ellen Daniell born 1375 who Married John Cresacre, who was more than likely the father of Jacob Cresacre, the father of Percyvall Cresacre a step son of Sir Peter de la Haye, Robert(last of the Hayes of Spaldyngton), and Sir Thomas de la Haye's father. This evidence is also somewhat questionable.

It appears that the D'anyers/Daniell line had known, or known of the Hayes line prior to John Hayes marrying Ellen. 
DANIELL Ellen ( ), 9CMP-FBP (I8573)
108 In the Court Settlement of John Hay's estate dated 7 Feb 1778 in Bertie County, North Carolina, The following individuals were identified and listed as inheritors: His wife Phebe Hays, son John Hays, son Hardy Hays, daughter Rebecca Stephens, Daughter Pheobe Jernigan, daughter Mary Hays, and son Samuel Hays. His wife Phebe Hays received 22 pounds seven shillings and ten pence, each of the children received 18 pounds seven shillings five pence. Subsequently, a correction was made at the division of the estate. His wife still received 22 pounds seven shillings and ten pence; however each of the children's shares were raised by ten shillings to 18 pounds seventeen shillings five pence. A copy of the settlement is available in the North Carolina archives as well as an appended account, signed by Hardy Hays of the inventory and sale of part of John Hays' estate. HAYES John (1697), LWLB-6ZL (I8531)
109 Information for Isabel de la Haye was found on internet page: freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.con/-pmcgillis/dat... website called; AMcGillis Family tree. Pages originally produced 20 Sept 2000
This family is also listed on New.familysearch under Robert de la Haye PID; L7P1-Y4B

Haven't found any other information on this Robert de la Haye, but the name Isabel is consistent with the de la Hayes of Spaldington.

This marriage took place in Alton, Derbyshire England 
DE LA HAYE Isabel (1430), 27SB-QSV (I15483)
110 Information from New.family search. org
PID: 2Z3Z-Q57 Lists him as son of Thomas Hay (1242) and Emma Hay. Lists grandfather as Roger Hay about 1124 from North Cave, Yorkshire, England. Information not reliable yet.

Note that this family more than likely descends from the Roger Saint Saviour- Chapell de la Puits line connected with Richard De La Haye. 
DEL HAY Thomas (1160) (I15587)
111 Information from the O'Brien/Thompson/Hurly/Wedum Family Tree on Ancestry.com Family F7011121
112 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F7011072
113 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5410)
114 Information; from "The Vistation of Yorkshire 1565 pages 365-366 DE LA HAY Germanus (1360) (I15605)
115 It appears that John (Aaron) Masterson had 2 children in Ireland. These were in a bible record yet no actual proof by a christening record exists.

John Sailed to the Colonies sometime around 1724/1725 His son William Edward Masterson is believed to have been born in Anne Arundale Maryland. 
MASTERSON John Aaron (1700) (I15985)
116 It has Been claimed that John Willcockson died at Bryans Station during an Indian Attack in 1792. Some researchers say he was still alive untill 1798 and died in Rowan County, North Carolina. His wife Sarah died in Berks County, Pennsylvania in 1815. WILLCOCKSON (WILCOXSON) John (1720) (I4386)
117 It has been noted that Thomas Morgan died at age 76. MORGAN* Thomas (I4674)
118 Jacoba had a very hard life. She was made to pull a milk wagon, during the winter, at a very early age and as a result had the small fingers on both of her hands frozen. She was engaged to two men before she married Gerrit Jan van Dyjk, both of them met tragic deaths before the wedding. One of them was a crew member of a shi[p that was lost at sea with no trace. SMIT Jacoba (I22)
119 Jacoba Maria Magdelena van Ekelenburg Jansen worked as a office cleaner at the First Security Bank building. She died of a heart attack and stroke.

She took care of Jackie and Scott her grandchildren during the day wile Burt and rose worked. she was a loving grandmother whose life tragically ended to soon. She never liked the L. D. S. church but stayed with her husband and moved to the United States with him when he converted. 
VAN EKELENBURG Jacoba Maria Magdelena (I4676)
120 Jacoba told her granddaughter Rosemary Van Dyke that her father was not Cornelis Smit but that she had only seen her actual father one time. She was taken into the shop where he worked, and he gave her a bracelet. Cornelis Smit was married to her mother but was not her father. SMIT Jacoba (I22)
121 Jacoba was a psycic and was able to tell peoples futures. She told that one of her uncles was also a psycic, and in the 1800's told of a time when people would fly in strange craft and would travel in strange horseless carriages. SMIT Jacoba (I22)
122 Jahn Gamble Thomas was buried on 6 March 1992 in Cemetery lot 862 Space 2 Section 14 near his grandmother Feran. THOMAS John Gamble (1914), 9KC4-GMV (I5342)
123 James B Forgey was the 2nd husband to Rebecca Clements (1742) (LC57-4NT). They had five (5) children. Rebecca Clements was first married to Benjamin Haws Jr. (1740) (LCPF-WNS) together they had they had three children prior to the death of Benjamin Haws jr. in 1766. FORGY James B. (1752) (2), LZ68-6PN (I14799)
124 James Davis was given the middle name of "Lionel" by Brigham Young. It appears that there were too many James Davis" in SLC and Brother Brigham added Lionel to our James Davis name to help keep the various James Davis' apart. DAVIS James "Lionel" (1840) (I2J0P-9L)
125 James Davis was sealed to Sarah Ann Fretwell, sister of his wife, Mary Elizabeth Fretwell. Mary wanted her deceased sister, Sarah to be sealed to someone and James Davis consented to the sealing.  Family F7007815
126 James Grady Jr. died of smallpox that he contracted from his sister Caldonia. It is said that he told Caldonia "You have been the death of me" and then died. GRADY James ll (1847), (I4498)
127 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F7007462
128 James Monroe Hays served his country in the United States Marines as a young man. HAYS James Monroe (1909) (I7HN9-V2)
129 Jennady Lynn MARTIN was born on Monday afternoon at 4:41 PM in Denver, Colorado. At birth, Jennady Lynn weighed 7 lbs 10 1/2 oz and was 19" long GRAVES Jennady Lynn (2013) (I16011)
130 Jennifer Obit in the Greeley Tribune

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Lynne Martin, 40, of Greeley died Monday, June 30, in Casper, Wyo.
She was born April 3, 1963, in San Diego to James Edward and Judy Mae (Stratton) Hays.
Mrs. Martin graduated from Central Valley High School in Veradale, Wash., in 1981.
On Jan. 4, 1983, she married Jim Martin in the Jordan River Temple in South Jordan, Utah.
Mrs. Martin loved her family; they were her greatest joy. Her greatest accomplishment and legacy is that she taught them to love and serve the Lord and that the family will be together forever. She loved taking pictures, and her favorite subjects were her family. She had a great sense of humor and was the queen of fun. She always thought of others and opened her home to everyone and anyone. She was great with a computer and loved genealogy and preserving family memories. She loved doing crafts and going to garage sales.
Mrs. Martin was a devoted member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints all her life.
Survivors are her husband, Jim Martin; four daughters, Jessica Martin, Amanda Martin, Cami Martin and Dani Martin; and two sons, Tyler Martin and Zac Martin; all of Greeley. Also surviving are her parents, Jim Hays and wife Penny of Sequim, Wash., and Judy Ash and husband Wayne of Sandy, Utah; four sisters, Julie Clark of Parker, Heather Thompson and Kelly Hays-Roadruck, both of Tacoma, Wash., and Angie Buhl of Stephens City, Va.; and three brothers, Jay Hays of Kennedale, Texas, Monty Hays of Green Lake, Wash., and Joe Hays of Round Rock, Texas.
Services will be at 9 a.m. Saturday at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 501 49th Ave., Greeley. Interment will be in Linn Grove Cemetery, Greeley.

There were wonderful tributes paid to Jennifer yesterday. Her Children are living proof of what an exceptional Mother she is....... 
HAYS Jennifer Lynne (1963) (I4585)
131 Jeremiah DOUD and Catherine BARRETT shown as living at 212 Wheeling Ave., Kansas City, MO according to the Kansas City, MO City Directory, 1937

DOUD Jeremiah (1888) (I246)
132 Jerry Van Dyke honorably served a mission to the Netherlands.
He was a temple worker in the South Jordan Temple for 9 years. 
VAN DYKE Gerald John III (1938) (I4966)
133 Jesse L. Hays was never married. HAYS Jesse L. (1913) (I5640)
134 Johanna DE SODINGTON was the sister of William DE SODINGTON who died in 1301. DE SODINGTON Johanna (d:1331) (I10180)
135 Johanna SODINGTON was reported as still living in 1331. DE SODINGTON Johanna (d:1331) (I10180)
136 John and Sarah Deloach Hayse, daughter of Moses Hare, sold 100 acres at Deloach's Corner on Tiancokey Swamp, 5 Jan 1789 in Edgecombe, North Carolina.

Possibly the land that is mentioned in the Will of Arthur Hayes.

Edgecombe County Deed Book 5 page page 63 Recorded February Court 1789.

Note that Arthur Hayes and his friend Caleb Taylor were witnesses dated 8 August 1761 on a Mary Deloach deed for land on Deloach's corner. Thomas Hayes was also present at that Court Hearing as he was asked to help in a division of land with Henry Flowers and Thomas Horn Jr. 
HAYSE John (1769) [ THEORETICAL} (I16133)
137 John BLOUNT, born abt 1298 later married wife #2, Eleanor DE BEAUCHAMP. Eleanor had two sons, Walter (1350) and Thomas (1352) by her first husband, John DE MERIET. These sons went by the surname BLOUNT after Eleanor's marriage to John BLOUNT but were sealed to John DE MERIOT on 15 October 1963 in the Logan Temple. Family F7009231
138 John Carroll was the adopted father of Helen Catherine Gamble. Se Helen Catherine's records for more information. CARROLL John (1857) (I39)
139 John Gamble Thomas was born as John Thomas Gamble. His parents were Thomas Francis Gamble (died 3 Jan 1888 of Cerebritis)and Bridget Rudden (died 15 Dec 1887, hit by train ). Both parents died in Leadville, Colorado. On 10 Feb 1888 John was formally adopted in Lake County, Colorado by Charles A. Thomas and his wife, Esther. See Court case no. 4899 at the Lake County Courthouse. At the adoption, John's name was changed to John Gamble Thomas. For some unknown reason John changed his name again to John Vincent Thomas before the 1910 Census where he is shown as living with his parents as a 25 year old single man in Florence, Colorado. John Vincent Thomas used this name for the remainder of his life. John Vincent Thomas died on 6 Mar 1946 in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, USA and is buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Pocatello. THOMAS John Vincent (1884), KLJT-YHY (I6849)
140 John Hayes was arrested by Attainment in 1495, he was executed in Litley. His lands that he had owned in Axholme were seized by the Crown. DE LA HAYE John (1445) (I8575)
141 John Philip Harris was previously married. At the time of hi smarriage to Margaret Zita Harris he already was the father of three children named Doris Jo, Jackie Louise and John Jr. HARRIS John Philip (1912) (I5361)
142 John Vincent Thomas shown as the son of Charles A. Thomas was adopted. His birth parents were Thomas Francis Gamble and Bridget Rudden. His birth name was John Thomas Gamble. At John's adoption his name was legally changed to John Gamble Thomas by reversing his middle and last name. John changed his name to John Vincent Thomas about 1902-1910. There is no known legal change of his name to John Vincent Thomas, however, John used the Vincent middle name until he died in Pocatello, Idaho in 1946, THOMAS Charles A. (Feb 1851), KLJT-YHB (I48)
143 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I16378)
144 Joseph Thomas Lichfield was sealed on 10 Oct 1901 to his mother Dorothy Sarah Jennison and Dorothy's fourth (4th) husband, John HATFIELD. LICHFIELD Joseph Thomas (1857) (I7825)
145 Josiah Parker was alive and living in Northampton, North Carolina. He was listed as age 59 with no occupation on the 1850 census taken 1 Nov 1850. He was loving with his son Littleberry Sander Parker, his wife, 2 children. Also living with them was Josiah's 22 year old daughter, Mary J.(or I.) Parker born in 1828 in Alabama. PARKER Josiah (1793) (I5331)
146 L.D.S. Compact Disk # 132 Pin # 1332 MASTERSON John (1765), LC79-D59 (I4496)
147 Lambertus Christianus Jansen was a painter by trade. Before He and his wife came to the United States, he was a professional soccer player in Arnhem, Netherlands. When he first moved to the United States, he got a job hand woodgraining philco radios. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor he tried to inlist, but was told "Go home old man". He worked as a painter during the day when he could find work, and as a night watchman at the Remmington Arms ammunition plant in Salt Lake City. He painted the Elevator doors in the L.D.S. office building in 1960. He contracted lymph gland cancer and was one of the first Kemotheropy patients in the United States. Unfortunately the cancer had spread too far throughout his body and he died in 1962.

Lambertus Christianus Jansen fought the cancer and held death back until he and his wife Cobi celebrated their 40th aniversary. He died a few days later.

Lambertus Jansen was his only child. 
Family F7007083
148 Last know place of residence was in Itawamba, Mississippi in 1850. GRADY Archibald (1777) (I243)
149 Last place of residence was Pontotoc Mississippi around the same time that Wiley D. Grady was known to be in Pontotoc, Mississippi. GRADY Lewis (unproven) (1822) (I7133)
150 Laura WISCOMB was apparently married to a Mr. SAINSBURY prior to her marriage to William HUNTING who was apparently Laura's second husband. Family F7009827

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